Discounted Starter Kits

Our shop has a really good selection of accessories and is open seven days a week: we have also put together some starter kits for those who are taking up caravanning for the first time: –

(These items are all available to buy individually in our shop)

Free with any caravan purchased from us:

CO Alarm, Smoke alarm, BMV Keying’s (2) and a BMV Hitch Cover

Also 14 days free insurance or 20{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} discount and discounted Caravan and Motorhome Club Membership offers.

New Caravans

Used Caravans

Aqua RollAqua Roll
Waste MasterWaste Master
85 amp Battery (upgrade to 110 amp for £25)85 amp Battery (upgrade to 110 amp for £25)
Hitchlock Hitchlock
Wheel LockWheel Lock
Toilet ChemicalsToilet Chemicals
Waste HoseWaste Hose
Car MirrorsCar Mirrors
Number Plate*Number Plate*
Fire ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher
Level BlocksLevel Blocks
Bio RollBio Roll
Gas LighterGas Lighter
Gas SpannerCaravan Step single – upgrade to double for £12


RRP £525 

or £445 with any caravan purchased from us

AGM battery surcharge +£200

Mains hook up lead


Gas Spanner

RRP £575

or  £495 with any caravan purchased from us

AGM battery surcharge + £200

T@B Kit –

(also for Sport & Fun, Deseo and CaraOne)

Dining Set

Wheel Lock Plates Set (4)
Hitch Lock Tumbler Beakers
Toilet Chemicals (with S&F, Deseo, T@B 400, Caraone) Cutlery
Single caravan step – upgrade double step £12 Kettle
Gas Lighter (Add Wine Glasses for £10)
Car Mirrors 
Number Plate* 
Gas spanner 
Waste Container 
Mains Hook-Up Lead 
Fire Extinguisher 
(If 320 Add PoraPotti for £85) + free Bio Roll (save £14) 

RRP £365

or £325 with any caravan
purchased from us

RRP £68.90

or  £54 with any caravan
purchased from us

Please bring your V5 document, driving license and a form of ID for this product.

Prices inclusive of VAT

Call 01747 851497 to find out more and make an order