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Why Merida?…

Merida was established over 40 years ago to produce high quality performance bikes. They’re now one of the largest, award winning, bike manufacturers in the world, producing around 3 million bikes annually. As sponsors of various pro level teams over the years they’ve enjoyed a series of wins in prestigious international events. The Bahrain Merida team are continuing this tradition.

Merida take great pride in testing their bikes to a higher level than the industry demands, enabling them to offer a lifetime warranty on all frames, even for racing. As accidents happen, Merida also offer a*half price crash replacement scheme on carbon frames.

About E-Bikes…

An electric bike can be a great option if you have a long way to cycle. With integrated electric motors to help you out while pedalling, they can provide a less strenuous alternative to traditional road, mountain and hybrid bikes. That means they’re also handy if you frequently ride with rucksacks, baskets or heavy loads, as the electric bike motor can help to bear the load and do some of the hard work for you. If you’re looking to get fit and are unsure whether a pedal assist bike is right for you, then don’t be put off. Although you’ll be assisted by a battery powered motor, e bikes still require pedal power, so riding can still give you a decent workout.

Bikes are without a doubt a great addition to a healthy and varied lifestyle. However, imagine how different and perhaps less straining those exciting outdoor activities could be if you experienced them on an E-bike! No trip too far, no mountain too high or too steep, no load too heavy – E-bikes instantly put a smile on every rider’s face, doesn’t matter if you prefer your riding on or off the road.

Electric bikes (e-bikes) are becoming more and more popular and once you’ve tried one it’s not hard to see why. An electric bicycle can be a speedy, eco-friendly and cost-effective way to get around, whether you’re looking to supercharge the commute, take the weight off tired legs, or tackle tricky uphill stretches with ease. Plus, as electric mountain bikes and electric road bikes become more readily available, it’s not hard to find an e bike that suits your riding style.

An E-Bike For Everyone…

We stock a wide range of bikes, all offering premium quality, comfort and reliability. Whether you want to do some serious offroad riding, or just a gentle ride around town, there is a perfect bike for you. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE RANGE

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