What is Core?


What is Core®?

Core® is what we call our approach to product development which enables us to deliver the lightest and most luxurious tourers on the market.

Why call it Core®?

We believe that every customer should be able to enjoy touring – with no limitations placed on luxury, engine size, frequency or destination. This belief is the core of our business.

How is Core® achieved?

Product development at Lunar is a continuous and extensive process. We are meticulous about every component installed and select each one based on superior quality and properties. Here are just a few examples …

1. Obeche wood – very lightweight and enables our craftsman to produce beautiful cabinetry

2. AL-KO chassis – all chassis are optimised in their design to suit each individual model

3. Laminate worktops – lightweight yet extremely dent resilient

4. Thermoplastic inner wall material – honeycomb structured so very lightweight yet super strong

In all, by designing our caravans with Core® comes new ways to reduce their weight with no compromise on durability, performance or finish. Most importantly, it enables our customers to get the most out of their luxury touring holiday. 

An Enhanced Body Shell for 2014

Our progress through product developement has introduced a pioneering thermoplastic material to the inner wall, creating an enhanced body shell that boasts superior properties;


Core® Innovation Tried and tested!

The integration of Core® technology with existing and proven engineering methods provides the re-assurance of reliability to our customers. The advancement in materials and their application is a breakthrough for our range whilst also being highly recognised by leading brands within the automotive and marine sector. After meticulous selection every component continues to be carefully designed, constructed and tested. With the use of two leading testing facilities organised by AL-KO and Truma/Alde, we were able to put our caravans through extreme road and temperature conditions.

Core® Road Test

Our Core® body shell caravan endured a lifetime test of 30,000 km, via an automotive test facility in Stuttgart, Germany. The test programme was split into two parts;

The intensive test programme, witnessed by vehicle engineering specialists at AL-KO, provided conclusive evidence of a very resilient product, reinforcing the fact that our Core® design has successfully reduced weight whilst maintaining advanced strength and durability.

Road Tested

Core® Climate Test

In one of the world’s largest climate chamber test facilities, owned by Truma/Alde, the Core® body shell endured a sub-zero temperature test programme of 100 hours. Conclusions promoted the body shell’s superior material properties indicating an improved spread of warm air, elimination of cold spots/moisture and significant reduction in condensation. The results from the tests showed that by using this honeycomb thermoplastic material, our Lunar caravans have a more even spread of warm air inside and cold spots minimised. With less cold spots present there will also be less moisture deposits on the walls and windows, reducing the occurrence of condensation.

For us, perfecting our products with Core® ensures innovation and reliability, for you it simply ensures a safer, more comfortable and enjoyable holiday.