Mobile Homes buyers Guide

Mobile Home Buyers Guide- Blackmore Vale Leisure pride themselves on hand picking some of the finest pre owned Mobile Homes, lodges and Static caravans available.  We are careful in selecting only the best quality, in first class condition.

Our buying guide offers some great hints and tips as to what to look for…

  1. Get feedback of your potential dealer before you visit them and the transport company if not the same business. Don’t assume the transport company is the same just because the dealer has arranged haulage.
  2. First impressions count: look around on arrival, is the stock for sale clean, level, steps etc?
  3. Consider hire – why buy if you can hire, could save you ££’s
  4. NEVER buy online – ALWAYS view before you purchase.
  5. Chassis – take an old towel with you when viewing and take the time to check the chassis for rust and deterioration.
  6. Always get the chassis / VIN number for the caravan or lodge and check the stated age with the manufacturer.
  7. ONLY buy from a REPUTABLE DEALER or someone you trust. Often you view without the ability to check appliances are working, that pipes have no frost damage etc. A new boiler can add a huge expense, even if you feel you have had a good deal on the buy price. As standard* we ensure all of our caravans are checked before leaving us, including the boiler & gas pipes. Ask your dealer what would happen if there was an issue once it reached its destination. We offer a warranty with our caravans.
    As in most industries, there are great dealers and not-so-great dealers!
  8. Structure – take time to look at your chosen Lodge or Caravan before you agree to make a purchase in great detail and get reassurances that the structure is sound.
  9. Be wary of any refurbished Lodges, Mobile homes or static caravans – could the refurbishment be covering underlying issues?
  10. Price – if it looks too good to be true – as the saying goes – it probably is !!
  11. Clarify what’s included in the price: beware of any hidden extra transport and site charges before you sign up.
  12. Get a site visit – often advertised in feet for example 10 foot wide or 35 foot long – they are not exact measurements. Don’t assume because the bin lorry gets up the road the mobile home / lodge or static caravan will, pay to get it checked as it could save your money in the long run. We offer a full professional site survey, by our preferred transport professional who would then deliver to you: they will advise if it will fit and if not options of what could be done.  We have heard horror stories of units being dumped on roads outside properties as the transporters can’t get them in, or dropped in lay-bys close by. The Static caravan / Lodge is your property and worst case if it does need to go back to the dealer you will be responsible for the cost of transport both ways. (Not all dealers are happy to cancel a sale or allow you to swap with ease)
  13. Buy Back schemes – get any promises in writing:  We will always look at buying back a Static Caravan, Mobile home or Lodge that has come from us: however it very much depends on condition, specification and our own current stock levels as to how much we would offer.

 Please see our frequently asked questions page – click here.

 Our experienced team can help with helping you select the right Static, Mobile home or Lodge for your needs.

We have parks which we work alongside which may be ideal for you to locate your chosen holiday home or Lodge, please call our team with your individual needs.

Mobile homes / Static caravans make great Farm workers accommodation: we have a full range in all sizes and budgets to view.

They also make great accommodation whilst doing house builds or renovations allowing you to be on site to project manage and ideal if you have pets to consider as many rental properties don’t allow them. Also ideal if you have children who wish to continue to be near friends or schools – or who need to settle in to new ones! Depending on your needs it can also be cost effective to purchase a mobile home / static caravan rather than opt for a rental property – please ask our team for more details.

They are even great for close at hand carers accommodation.



 *excludes clearance range