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T@B Model 320 RS OffRoad  L400 TD
Length including drawbar approx. in cm 518 518 596
Vehicle body length including bottle case approx. in cm 340 340 421
Vehicle body approx. in cm / inside 199 / 180 199/180 224/204
Total height approx. in cm / inside 245/182 249/182 260/198
Tent outline dimension in cm 654/632 972/650 767/745
Unloaded weight (incl. basic equipment)*, approx. in kg 615 640 920
Mass in running order (kg)* 650 675 990
Technically permissible max. weight, approx. in kg 750 1 1.2
Loading capacity, approx. in kg 100 325 210
Tyre size 195/55 R 15 205/70 R 15 205/65 R 15
Rim size 5 1/2 J x15 6 J x15 5 1/2 J x15
Bed dimension rear in cm 175 x 200 175 x 200 145 x 198
bed dimension bow in cm 70 x 195
Number of roof hoods 1 1 2 + Sky View
Number of lamps 12V / 230 V 3/- 3/- 9/-
Number of socket outlets 1 1 4
* incl. 100{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} Fresh water, 100{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} Gas, power supply, cable reel (on T@B 400 = 45l Tank; on 320 RS and Offroad with 20l can as serial equipment
** The name “Offroad” only descirbes one of the vehicle’s styling versions. There is no indication of the vehicle’s usage

Optional Equipment

T@B Model 320RS Offroad L400 TD
Registration papers (Included in T@B price above)
Stabiliser (dependant on layout)
Weight increase 800/850 kg
Weight increase 1000 kg
Weight increase 1300 kg
Weight increase 1400/1500 kg
Dim out roller blinds
Floor heating
Sink cover
Pull out shower
Service hatch 700x 305
Light alloy wheels 6 J x 15″ (tyres 195/55 R15)
Upholstered stool for porta potti
Flat screen carrier
Mosquito door
Breakdown service set
Spare wheel with steel rim and holder in the vehicle
Spare wheel with alloy rim and holder in the vehicle
External spare wheel holder and spare wheel with alloy rim
Roof trim strips cross/rear
Roof trim strips lengthwise/rear – T@B L
Ladder to rear carrier(only available in combination with Opt. 101456, 101455 or 101455
Bicycle stand f. 2 bicycles (only available in combination with opt. 101457,101457 or 101455)
Base support (is the premise for fitting bicycle stand or luggage box) – only available in combination with opt. 101471 and 151460*
Colour Kit Mexican Sunset or Metropolis
Heating Truma S 2200 with Piezo
Autark package 1) (without water waste tank mobile)
12V package 2)
Upholstrey Basic, Mexican Sunset, Oceanspray, Active Navy, Active Rock
Supply and fit Powrtouch motor mover (12v pack required)
Walker Awning
Isabella Awning
Isabella Sun canopy
Porta Potti*
Milenco Wheel Clamp*
Alko Hitch-Lock*
Tyre inflatable spray*
2 night stay on our campsite
* 10{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} discount in our shop upon purchase