We will acknowledge your complaint in writing within seven working days.

We will issue an initial response or final decision, in writing within fourteen working days.

If, for any reason our initial response does not resolve your complaint, we will issue a final decision in writing as soon as possible or at the latest after fourteen working days.

In any case where we justifiably need more time to investigate a complaint (for example – involvement of a third party, staff absence) we will provide a written response outlining the reasons and an estimated date of when we will be able to respond.

We will keep a complaints log which will be available for inspection by NCC assessors.

We will keep you informed in writing.

Any final decision will include details of the NCC informal dispute resolution service and Independent Case Examiner, in case you require independent redress.

If you are not satisfied with our final decision or if we exceed the respond timescales, you can refer your complaint to the NCC for informal dispute resolution. If this fails to resolve your complaint or if the NCC informal dispute resolution service is not able to handle your complaint, the NCC will escalate your complaint to the Independent Case Examiner, with whom we will co-operate fully – The decision is then final and binding on us both. Please note and administration fee of £50 + VAT will be charged by the NCC should you wish to use the Independent Case Examiner Service. This fee is refundable only if the Examiner finds in your favour, subject to his or her discretion. There are no other charges for this service.

We will liaise with anyone acting formally on your behalf upon your written request.

In the unlikely event that you have cause for complaint please put in writing to 

Blackmore Vale Leisure
Sherborne Causeway