Please see below our terms and conditions for touring caravan hire:

By booking with us you are accepting these terms and conditions.

Eligibility & Licences

Hirer must be over 25 years of age.

Whilst the caravan is in your care, you are responsible for any / all damage or theft.

Caravan Check In times

The hire period normally commences at 3pm daily and terminates at 10am on the agreed day of check out.


In the event of damage I also agree to pay Blackmore Vale Leisure for the appropriate amount to repair or replace.


The hire caravan is insured by the company for Public Liability. The hirers personal property is excluded from the insurance and Blackmore Vale Leisure take no responsibility for personal belongings. The hirer is responsible for any and all damage to the caravan whilst in their care.

Once sited, in the event of any damage, including loss of equipment, damage to tyres, window breakage and loss of roof lights, howsoever caused, during the period of hire. The hirer is responsible for paying for the repair.


Un-emptied toilets will be charged at £100 for emptying and cleaning.

No Smoking laws

It is now an offence for the Hirer to smoke, or allow anyone to smoke, in any of our hire caravans and the signs displayed in each caravan make this clear. The Company has an obligation to all clients to maintain the caravan smoke-free and therefore, should the Hirer return a caravan in which smoking has occurred this will result in a deep clean/valet charge paid to cover the costs of taking the caravan out of service for fumigation or cleaning – Minimum of £100 charge.

Upholstery Care & Pets

Pets are a firm part of the caravanning experience and we welcome dogs. Please advise us at point of hire so we can allocate the correct caravan for your needs. Damage to upholstery or any other part of the caravan will result in a charge for repair. Please remember that successive hirers could have allergies etc, due to this we have to carry out an extra deep cleaning when a pet has been in a caravan, for this reason there is an additional charge of £20 a week for each pet, maximum of two.

Breakdowns & Accidents

Every effort is made to ensure that the hire caravan is satisfactory for the purpose of hire and in a safe and fully working condition when it leaves our company premises.

The Hirer is responsible for notifying the Company of any fault as soon as it becomes apparent on (01747) 851497, in order that the Company may make reasonable efforts to perform its obligations under the hire contract. Dependant on distance, the Company will endeavour to send a repair engineer to the caravan. The Company will only accept liability for reasonable expenses occurred by the hirer where these conditions are complied with. In these circumstances instructions for the necessary repair or the purchase of replacement faulty parts at a cost not exceeding £50 may be given by the Hirer who will be reimbursed after presentation of receipted invoices. Approval from the Company must be obtained in respect of repairs or replacements in excess of £50.

The Company can accept no liability for accommodation charges, replacement caravan costs or other claims arising from breakdown, accident or other causes.

All accidents should be reported immediately by telephone to (01747) 851497. A completed Accident Report Form must be produced at the termination of the hire.

Limitations, Liabilities and Cancellations

  1. Lend or hire the caravan to a third party.
  2. Create a line on the vehicle for repairs or for any other reason.
  3. Must return the caravan in the same condition as received.
  4. Generators must not be used on our caravans.

The Company reserves the right to:-

  1. Make reasonable changes to the rates and conditions of hire at any time up to the point of written acceptance by the hirer.
  2. Substitute another caravan or cancel the hire in the event of:-
  3. a) A caravan being returned damaged or with a fault or breakdown resulting in its unsuitability for hire
  4. b) A late return / check out by previous guest
  5. Refuse a hire to any individual who is reasonably considered unsuitable to undertake the hire. In such circumstances the intended Hirer shall be entitled to request a refund of monies paid, which will not be unreasonably withheld by the Company.

As we are always improving our hire fleet please note that caravan specifications, design, layouts and images used are as examples only and may differ from those supplied.

Hirer Cancellations

Should the Hirer cancel the booking, the Company will endeavour to re-let the vehicle and, if successful, the amount paid will be refunded less an administration charge and the £200 non refundable deposit. If the Company is unable to do so, the Hirer will be liable to pay the administration charge plus costs on a scale proportionate to the length of time before the hire commences, as set out below :-

Exceeding 56 days from hire date                  40{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} of Hire fee

Between 55 days and 42 days                           60{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} of Hire fee

Between 41 days and 28 days                          80{3eadadbd933ba255e821a5fffd9f21631abe32fb8aefc0dd70b8fb324fa25836} of Hire fee

Less than 28 days from hire date                 Loss of Hire fee

Hirers are advised to obtain their own insurance cover to safeguard against such losses.

Event Hires

We are able to offer caravan delivery and collection services. Please contact us for details and prices.

When caravans are reserved and the Company arranges to deliver the caravan to a particular site or event at an additional cost to the Hirer, this is deemed to be two separate contracts. In the event that, prior to delivery, the Hirer wishes to cancel the delivery services or the event is cancelled by the organisers then no delivery charges will be levied by the Company. The caravan booked will remain exclusively allocated to the Hirer unless cancelled in writing by the Hirer. In this event our usual cancellation policy will apply.

Blackmore Vale Leisure Ltd neither insure nor accept liability for any accident, incident, damage or loss to property or persons including third party liability in connection with the hire of any caravan.


I have read and understood these terms and conditions and I except and agree to them,